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Alison Rose Knight

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  First published by Accent Press

My Books

Journalist Kate Armstrong has always known that music icon Johnson Brand’s platinum-selling first album was written about his break-up with her mother, Alexandra. When Kate’s boss sends her out to interview the star himself, her life is turned upside down when her resemblance to Alexandra prompts Johnson to seek out her mother and renew their relationship. Kate suddenly has a lot on her plate - coming to terms with Alexandra and Johnson’s rekindling relationship, as well as keeping the two of them out of the public eye, all the while trying to resist the advances of Johnson’s playboy son, Paul. She thinks she has everything under control, until a threatening figure from the band’s past rears its ugly head. Will love tear them all apart … again?

First published by Accent Press Ltd in 2014.




Off the Record

Rescue Me 

Saving a life can break your heart...

Being found under a laurel bush in the local park isn’t the best start in life. Neither is being given the name ‘Laurel Parks’ as a memento, but the girl who began like that is determined not to let it hold her back.

When a runaway lorry crashes into the restaurant where she works, Laurel is the heroine of the hour, saving the life of her favourite elderly customer. It just so happens that her favourite customer’s godson is the gorgeous and rich Daniel French.

Injured and unable to work, Daniel offers her a place to stay. Used to women throwing themselves at him, he expects Laurel to make the most of the opportunity. But Laurel remains cool and calm, resisting their growing attraction, until Daniel asks her to pose as his fiancée. It’s all just pretend, right? First published by Accent Press Ltd in 2015.


Rescue Me cover

STOP PRESS: The rights for both of these books have now been reverted to me from Accent Press Ltd. I am actively seeking a new publisher but in the meantime I hold very limited stocks of these books in paperback.

What's next? n ...

Since finishing Rescue Me, I've been thinking about some of the secondary characters in that story: Lucy - the heiress whose father bullied her into persuing Daniel; Robert - Daniel's best friend; Rob's sister Pamela: and who could forget the lovely Florence - Daniel's Godmother and friend to them all? I loved creating these characters for Rescue Me and then I started thinking about what might have happened to them after the end of Daniel and Laurel's story. I'm now working on three more books in the Rescue Me series. The first takes Lucy to Thailand; in the second we discover Florence's back story when she asks Pamela to go to Mallorca; and finally Robert faces danger from both man and nature in St Lucia. I am now seeking a publisher for this four book series.

Off the Record 2nd cover



Rosie Goes to War 

rosie goes to war 4 amend

STOP PRESS: Accent Press Ltd have reverted their rights to Rosie Goes to War back to me. If you'd like a paperback copy, I now hold all remaining stocks, so please get in touch.      

What's next?

I've completed writing the second of Rosie's adventures, which has a working title of Rosie Goes to Whitechapel. Rosie finds herself in Victorian London, teaching her own great-great grandmother while Jack the Ripper is committing his horrific murders. But this time, Rosie isn’t the only time-traveller. Having a friend with the same secret should make it easier, shouldn’t it? Or does it just double the worry about why they’re there and how they will get home?


I'm planning more adventures for Rosie and am actively seeking a publisher for the series.

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